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Mit dem Titel GOLEM 10+22 geht ab sofort der Remix von Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauden) zusammen mit einer atemberaubenden Videocollage von Danielle de Picciotto den Start! Großen, herzlichen Dank und Ovationen den Meistern des Tones und der Bilder.
Gleichzeitig erscheint die neue EP: GOLEM VS JANUS mit Remixen zum JANUS-Album. Neben dem GOLEM als Original-Track findet ihr hier GOLEM 10+22 von Alexander Hacke, SAGEN UND DENKEN – the Micronaut und AUSGEBRANNT (Bryan Kessler’s Heavy Petting).
Beifall und Dank auch dafür!

SAFI – GOLEM 10+22
Remix: Alexander Hacke
Regie: Danielle de Picciotto
[Pias] Recordings Germany

Alexander Hacke  hacke.org
Danielle de Picciotto  danielledepicciotto.com
Einstürzende Neubauten  neubauten.org

SAFI – GOLEM VS JANUS (EP)SAFI_GOLEM-VS-JANUS.inddiTunes: http://apple.co/1RJwOaJ
Amazon MP3: http://amzn.to/1QV4eWR
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1WWjpO0
SAFI – GOLEM 10+22 (Remix von Alexander Hacke)
SAFI – SAGEN UND DENKEN (the Micronaut Remix)
SAFI – AUSGEBRANNT (Bryan Kessler’s Heavy Petting)

© Safi/[Pias]

„Sometimes I dream in series. I dream of scences of how the world rebels. GOLEM is a ride on the madness of our time.“ – Safi

And here is the collection of these images!
With the new track GOLEM 10+22 remixed by Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten along with the breathtaking video collage by Danielle de Picciotto these images are brought to light, kicking the world right in the crotch!

„SAFI differs from most German artists in her consistent unwillingness to compromise. The music is raw and direct and harmonizes with the intelligent and rebellious lyrics that are way above the level of conventional rock music.“ – Alexander Hacke
„SAFI is an explosion of power, beauty and talent. Working with her was a pure pleasure.“ – Danielle de Picciotto

At the same time the new EP SAFI – GOLEM VS JANUS with remixes of the album JANUS is released (26/02/2016, PIAS Germany) including GOLEM (original track), GOLEM 10+22 by Alexander Hacke, SAGEN UND DENKEN (the Micronaut Remix) and AUSGEBRANNT (Bryan Kessler’s Heavy Petting).

Where does hearing stop and seeing begin? Where are the boundaries between movement and stillness? These are the questions that the Micronaut takes as a basis of his SAGEN UND DENKEN remix, creating a version that transmits the stumbling stutter of beats and spheric vocals to expand the infinite fall.

We can’t prove that Bryan Kessler was already exposed to Kraftwerk’s music in his mother’s womb but we are certain that this punk renegade is a songwriting genius and an extraordinary producer with a hearty profanity for genre limits. It was SAFI’s voice that impressed him: „I like her voice and knew immediately that I can do something great with it. Such exceptional vocals are often missing…“  Check out his AUSGEBRANNT remix and see for yourselves!

2. GOLEM „10+22“ Remix von Alexander Hacke
3. SAGEN UND DENKEN (the Micronaut Remix)
4. AUSGEBRANNT (Bryan Kessler’s Heavy Petting)
published 26/02/2016 – [PIAS] Germany, distribution Rough Trade

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